Who is she?

All schools are like mini-states. When we teach, we become statespeople – citizens of a living, breathing centre of society. This is the reasoning behind the name of this blog.

The EdStateswoman is a 30-something education professional who became tired of having opinions in her own living room.  She now publishes them for the world to agree or disagree with.  She’s a Fabian Woman mentee, she backstages for @SLTChat, she loves a good Teach Meet, she’s a staunch advocate of @WomenEd and she takes photos whenever she can.  She lives in North London as a semi-crazy cat lady and occasionally likes it.



    • thenewstateswoman


      Thank you for the offer, but I will respectfully decline. I am just one person with one set of opinions and don’t claim to be an expert! I hope you find someone.


      • Isabella QM

        Expert is a word that comes from ‘experience’. You have a voice with heart in it. My hunch is you would be very good on the radio…yours is the first blog I have subscribed to. Thanks for writing from your living room.

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